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Were You Injured While Driving In A Company Vehicle?

One of the more common categories of workers’ compensation claims filed is those involving motor vehicle accidents. This is unsurprising, given how much time workers often spend driving in trucks and cars and the inherent risk of driving a vehicle. If you are driving a vehicle for a work-related task (not commuting to work) and suffered an accident, you are to be covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

And this is not just for delivery truck drivers or someone who drives a vehicle for business. If you are an administrative assistant and are sent by your employer to pick up some office supplies, or if you are a bartender at a restaurant and need to pick up some additional liquor on a busy night, and you are injured by a negligent driver in a collision, you should file a workers’ compensation claim.

Don’t Forget To Report As Soon As It Happens — Then Call Us

Like any workers’ compensation claim, make sure you report it to your employer as soon as you can. If you are away from a job site or place of work, your employer or their insurer may attempt to use that against your claim, asserting that the crash occurred on a nonwork-related activity. By immediately reporting the accident, you can document the connection between your work and the collision, because if you delay too long, that too can become grounds to deny your claim.

These claims can be complex. In some situations, you may have both a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party claim. Our attorneys are Certified Specialists for workers’ compensation claims and are also experienced personal injury attorneys.

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