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You Need An Experienced Attorney For Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

When a workers’ compensation insurance claim is denied, you may think that’s the end of it. Don’t. Workers’ compensation is an insurance product, and like all insurance policies, this also comes with numerous rules. If you make a mistake or if the insurance company makes an error while processing your claim, your claim can be denied. The Law Offices of Dix & Forman, P.C., can help you if you were injured on the job and the insurance company has denied your claim.

Because of the technical nature of insurance, a single error while filing can lead to a claim being disallowed. There are a great many reasons or justifications an insurance company may provide when denying your claim. They include:

  • You failed to report the injury
  • You failed to file before the required deadlines
  • The doctor reported that your injuries are too minor to qualify
  • You gave inconsistent testimonies of what happened
  • Your employer claims you were not working when the injury happened
  • You were intoxicated at the time of the injury

Workers’ Compensation Should Be Your Safety Net

Workers’ compensation insurance is based on the idea that employers will pay for wage replacement and medical benefits to workers injured on the job. Instead of the worker suing the employer in a personal injury case, the worker can file a claim and receive benefits quickly without a prolonged court case deciding if the employer was negligent.

Like all insurance, employer’s premiums are generally lower if they have few claims that are paid. If insurers deny a significant number of claims, the employers benefit from lower rates. Of course, the workers who are injured bear the real cost. Our attorneys understand the complexity of workers’ compensation filings and the types of errors that can lead to denial of claims.

Attorneys With More Than 30 Years Of Experience Dealing With Workers’ Compensation Claims

Claims denial can be difficult for the worker. Our attorneys understand this, and they thoroughly investigate what happened in an effort to reverse the denial. You may have offered confusing statements or missed a deadline. The doctor may have dismissed your injuries as trivial or insignificant. We closely examine the facts, testimony and the grounds for denial, and we work with you to clarify the situation, with a goal of obtaining the workers’ compensation benefits you and your family need. Our lawyers are Certified Specialists for workers’ compensation claims and have worked on thousands of claims, and they have the experience to present the strongest arguments in support of your claim.

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