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Stay safe while getting back to work

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Holding a steady job in Arizona can present many challenges. Getting back to work following an illness or injury can be one of them. You may feel that you are getting back too soon. As a result, you may still be suffering from the ongoing effects of your recent trouble. This can have a seriously damaging effect on your performance and morale.

Keep an eye on your age and health

Your workers’ comp benefits are designed to keep you afloat during the time it takes you to recover. They are also there to help ease your transition into retirement from work if this proves necessary. You need to be realistic about your ability to continue working. Doing so will help you stay in a healthy and productive frame of mind.

Your age, health, gender, and other factors will have an impact on your ability to return to work. The type of work that you engage in will also affect your present capability. A chronic illness can seriously impair your ability to return to the same level of productivity that you previously enjoyed. This may require some adjustment on your part.

What are the most common post-recovery issues?

Workers’ comp covers a wide number of illnesses and injuries. It can also help to ease your transition back into the workforce following your recovery. However, there are a number of unique issues that may continue to cause problems even after you return to your job.

The level of stress you experience may be higher than it used to be. You may also find that your inability to work at your previous high level may be hampering your career momentum. You may feel more fatigued in a shorter period of time. These issues may lead to a decision whether to continue working or retire.