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Truckers and shoulder injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Truck drivers face many hazards while driving along Arizona’s highways. Fatigue, poor road conditions, and careless motorists are just some of the challenges that they must contend with. Shoulder injuries are another hazard.

Why are shoulder injuries so common?

Shoulder injuries are common among truckers for several reasons. Using handgrips to get into a truck can cause pain in the shoulder over time. Sitting behind the wheel for hours on end. Loading and unloading freight can also cause shoulder injuries. Raising and lowering a trailer is another common cause.

Raising a trailer correctly

The safest way to raise a trailer is to stand parallel to your truck, in a position called “sagittal cranking”. Standing parallel to your vehicle allows you to use more full-body strength rather than putting too much strain on your shoulder. Frontal cranking causes too much damage to the shoulder and needs to be avoided.

What is trucker’s shoulder?

Trucker’s shoulder is a condition that develops over time. Years behind the wheel can take a severe toll on the body. Truckers feel pain in the arms and shoulder, caused by constantly turning the steering wheel in a large truck, another cause is the bad conditions of some roads that make drivers frequently correct the wheel while in motion.

The consequences and what you can

Injuries to the shoulder are usually treated with physical therapy and rest. But healing can be a slow process and you may not be able to work during your recovery. You should file a workers’ compensation claim in order to cover your medical bills and receive a percentage of the wages lost while you are recovering.

Truckers face many challenges while on the road. Health issues are one of their biggest ones. Just remember, you do not have to work while you are hurting.