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Learn the importance of the Report of Workability to your claim

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workers who become injured on the job in Arizona are entitled to draw workers’ compensation. This money paid by an insurance company helps you provide for your family. As you begin to heal, the doctor may allow you to return to work with restrictions. Your primary care provider will write the information on a Report of Workability.

What is a Report of Workability?

This standardized report states if you can return to work or must continue to be off work completely. If you are allowed to return to work, it will note restrictions on what you can do. The provider will try to write the limits positively and relate them to your usual work tasks. For instance, if your job requires you to lift 100 pounds regularly, your provider may recommend you only lift 15 pounds. It may also state that you need more frequent rest breaks.

How long is a Report of Workability good for?

Generally, you will get a new Report of Workability each time that you see the primary doctor taking care of your Workers’ Compensation claim. The form has a starting and ending date, and you should expect the ending date to coincide with your next appointment.

Who sees the Report of Workability?

You should take responsibility for making sure that the doctor completes the Report of Workability during your visit. Then, you should take a copy to your supervisor. If the workers’ compensation insurance company has assigned a qualified rehab consultant to your case, they can assist you in obtaining this critical paperwork and giving it to your supervisor.

Workers receiving workers compensation need to ensure that their provider regularly fills out a Report of Workability provided to the worker’s supervisor as it states what the worker can and cannot do.