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What are the most common machine shop injuries?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Machine shop workers in Arizona have difficult jobs. Unfortunately, the nature of their work makes them more likely to suffer workplace injuries.

Repetitive motion injuries

Machine shop workers are required to perform repetitive motions in their jobs. They also have to lift heavy objects and boxes on a regular basis. These actions can lead to repetitive motion injuries developing over time. These injuries are progressive and commonly prevent people from working for a period of time, causing the need to file for workers’ compensation.


Amputations are catastrophic and disfiguring injuries that can occur when a worker uses machinery for cutting various materials. While they could happen to anyone, those who lack the proper training to use such equipment are more prone to workplace accidents. Amputation injuries can also impact machine shop workers who are fatigued.

Poor ventilation and chemical inhalation

Working in a machine shop means having to wear protective gear such as helmets with face shields. Ventilation may not be the best in the workplace. Workers also have to contend with myriad chemical substances and can inhale toxic gases and even metallic particles. This can lead to serious lung illnesses and injuries.

Eye injuries

Eye injuries can occur when machine shop workers fail to use protective eye gear while working. Shrapnel can go flying and get into a person’s eye. If the piece is tiny enough, it might cause a minor injury such as a corneal tear. In the worst-case scenario, a worker could lose vision or even an eye.

Improper equipment use

To keep workers safe, there must be proper precautions in place at the machine shop. Serious and even fatal injuries can occur if the employer doesn’t provide those precautions. Workers can suffer from catastrophic injuries or even death if they lack proper guarding techniques.