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Normal Use Of Power Tools Can Lead To Chronic Injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Many Arizona residents earn a living by working with power tools. Unfortunately, power tools can be dangerous if misused and accidents involving tools send many to the ER for injuries on the job. In addition, using power tools as intended can lead to Vibration White Finger.

What is Vibration White Finger?

Vibration White Finger(VWF) is an ailment that affects the vascular system because of frequent and persistent vibrations applied to the fingers and palms. The vibrations and pressure block the blood vessels and nerves in the hands, causing the fingers to turn numb and eventually turn white from the lack of enough blood flow. That this condition primarily affects an individual’s thumbs and fingers from the use of common power tools as well as heavy equipment.

If someone continually exposes themselves to vibrations, especially on or near the hands, VWF can progress. This progression can eventually affect your muscles, joints and even your central nervous system. VWF can turn into hand-arm vibration syndrome if exposure to vibrations doesn’t stop. Fortunately, you could have a valid workers’ compensation claim if your employer didn’t give you the necessary protections to avoid VWF.

What are the main symptoms of VWF?

There are other signs of VWF before your fingers begin turning white. The most common symptoms of VWF can include:

  • Loss of feelings in your fingers
  • Losing strength in your hands
  • A tingling or pins and needles sensation
  • Having difficulties picking up objects

In closing, Vibration White Finger is a condition that affects many people who work with their hands. If you think you have Vibration White Finger, you should schedule an appointment with a doctor, especially if you have prolonged bouts of numbness and tingling in your fingers. VWF has no cure currently, but the symptoms are manageable.