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Transportation accidents that occur at the workplace

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities in the world. Even worse is driving as an occupation for the purpose of transporting goods or people. Statistics show that truck drivers have the highest rates of fatalities than any other trade. The rates of transportation accidents are increased among workers in Arizona who drive for a living.

Fatalities on the job

Tens of thousands of fatal car accidents occur every year in the U.S. Several thousand fatalities occur in the workplace every year. In 2020, approximately 4,764 fatal work injuries occurred in the U.S., and these rates have decreased since 2013.

Workers’ comp is designed to help

A transportation accident is covered by workers’ compensation regardless of where an injury occurs and the type of workplace. The most common types of injuries, whether they occur on the road or in the office, include sprains, strains and lacerations.

Injured workers are covered if they get into an accident while performing a work-related task. This could be any type of task that earns a profit using a personal or company-provided vehicle. The types of workers vary from work from home business executives to independent couriers and school bus drivers. Running a personal errand is not covered by workers’ comp.

Drivers are covered for transportation accidents

The highest rates of workplace accidents affect drivers on the road. Most injured workers are guaranteed to receive workers’ compensation benefits by state law. Many of them decide to file a personal injury lawsuit and fight for additional compensation. Overall, workers have numerous legal options to recover from a work-related accident.