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How do you know if your injury is work-related?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

If you get hurt in a work-related injury in Arizona, your employers’ workers’ compensation policy is designed to help cover treatment, missed paychecks after a specific period and recovery. While this premise sounds straightforward, it’s essential to understand all of the factors in determining whether you qualify. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as just being on the premises when you’re injured.

Qualifications for a work-related injury

These four factors must be examined when determining if your injury can be considered work-related:

  • On the payroll
  • Working at the time of the incident
  • At the premises
  • Not working but on employer time

Breaking each one down will make it more straightforward to understand.

Are you on the payroll?

One of the first requirements to get assistance from your employer’s workers compensation policy is to be on the payroll. If you’re a volunteer, you don’t qualify. Working as an independent contractor will likely disqualify you from getting your treatment covered as well, depending on the requirements created by the company that has retained your services.

Were you on the clock?

You must be on the clock when an accident occurs for it to be work-related. If you’re driving from one work location to another, you would be considered on the clock. However, if you’re commuting from home to work and got injured, it wouldn’t count.

Were you injured during an employer’s event?

Not all injuries happen during regular working hours. If you are injured during a company event or from the directions given by an employer, such as traveling for a meeting or running errands, it is probably considered related to your work and would be covered.

Did the injury occur on-site?

A work-related injury can also include more than the immediate area where your work occurs. Falling on an uneven spot in a parking lot before entering work and clocking in is likely a work-related injury. Getting hurt in areas such as stairwells and parking lots can also count.