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Construction site eye injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

The eyes are crucial body parts that control overall functioning, so an eye injury can have a major detrimental impact on life going forward for an injured worker. Construction zones in Arizona are dangerous work environments, and protection measures are vital for all employers and their employees alike. No one wants to deal with a workers’ compensation claim for an eye injury because the long-term impact can be devastating for the injured worker.

Eye safety on construction sites

There are no safety measures that go too far for eye protection. Employers are required to meet all rules and regulations for eye safety as set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which includes protection devices ranging from glasses to goggles to full head coverage. The standard is set according to job responsibilities. When the employer fails to meet these standards, legal action could go far beyond a standard workers’ compensation issue.

Potential additional negligence claims

Because any type of eye injury is serious, a construction accident requires meticulous evaluation. When employers fail to meet OSHA standards on a construction site, they could be found liable in a court of law in a personal injury lawsuit. Additionally, when the injury occurs due to eye safety product failure, the manufacturer could be found liable. Arizona workers’ compensation attorneys may look for evidence of negligence when eye injuries occur, including product defects in eye protection equipment.

Standard Arizona workers’ compensation law exempts employers from personal injury lawsuits unless they are negligent in some way on the job site. However, product manufacturers are not exempt in any manner for defective equipment. Pursuing such a claim may help an injured worker pay for medical expenses and long-term treatment if needed.