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What are the injury risks of certain types of jobs?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Certain types of jobs you can get as a resident of Arizona are well-paying, but they also have inherent risks. You can suffer injuries while performing some higher-paying jobs. It’s important to know about these positions and determine whether the risks are worth the pay.

Jobs at sea

Jobs that require you to be at sea can be very rewarding and well-paying, but at the same time, they can be very dangerous and pose the risk of injury. If you are a fisherman or seafarer who works on ships and handles heavy equipment on a regular basis, you can be at greater risk for serious injuries. Fatigue may be a factor with such a demanding job. You can get caught in equipment or slip and fall on wet, slippery surfaces. It’s also possible to be swept out to sea, which can be deadly. While workers’ compensation can cover injuries suffered on the job, you should consider those risks before taking such a position.

Driving jobs

Some jobs require you to drive long distances and work long hours. Trucking is one of the best examples of such a position. It can be dangerous when you’re behind the wheel for so many tireless hours, traveling from one destination to another with little rest. Even local delivery drivers can be at a greater risk of injuries on the job and have to file workers’ compensation claims. There are more accidents among individuals who drive for a living than the average driver.

Agricultural jobs

Agricultural jobs pose significant risks. You’re required to use machinery, tools and other equipment, which can raise the risk of an accident occurring. If you work with trees or on a farm, there are often long hours and little rest as well, which can contribute to accidents.

Jobs involving heights

Roofers and certain types of construction jobs, especially those involving heights, are very dangerous. Not only is there a risk of falling, but you are also required to work with potentially dangerous tools and equipment. Conditions can be rough if the job requires working extensively outdoors.

These jobs pay very well but may not be worth the risk for everyone. It’s important to weigh the benefits and the risks to determine whether it’s worth taking one of these jobs.