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Are there common manufacturing injuries that workers face?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

A hectic Arizona manufacturing site presents some risks to its workers. Frontline workers face dangers due to their proximity to machinery, vehicles, and even chemicals and fumes. Those involved in physical labor aren’t the only ones who could suffer harm. Even administrative personnel inside office buildings face risks. Knowing about the more common dangers may assist someone hoping to avoid harm.

Injuries in the manufacturing world

Three specific types of incidents account for roughly 84% of manufacturing industry injuries. Not surprisingly, slip-and-fall accidents rank high on the list.

All kinds of factors may contribute to a slip and fall accident. Spilling something on the floor could create a slick surface, leading to a fall and a bad injury. Any type of object presents a risk for tripping, and even bumping into a co-worker could have worse consequences than imagined.

Coming into contact with machinery may lead to worse harm than a fall. People have been burned, cut, and suffered other terrible consequences from tool and equipment mishaps. Forklifts and vehicles also present dangers, as well.

A job’s physical nature has its drawbacks. Heavy lifting, carrying things, climbing, and other activities could result in sprains, strains, and other problems. Both acute and long-term harm may result from the work.

Seeking compensation for injuries

Being sidelined with an injury creates worries in people’s heads about making a living. When hurt on the job, it may be possible to file for workers’ compensation. A workers comp claim might provide the necessary financial support to deal with difficult times.

Taking the necessary immediate steps could help the cause of getting approved. Those running into problems with their compensation claims may need to explore the appeals process.

Additionally, when injuries result from third-party negligence or deliberate action, it might be possible to file a lawsuit. A lawsuit settlement could provide further financial compensation beyond the workers’ compensation payments.