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Could workers suffer from common jobsite hazards?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

An employee could travel to an Arizona workplace and not realize it may be the day a terrible injury happens. Even when workers take significant steps to avoid accidents and injuries, things go wrong. Sometimes, employees suffer the cumulative effects of physical labor or find themselves exposes to a co-worker’s illness. Knowing the common workplace injuries people face seems advisable when hoping to stay healthy and able to work.

Common workplace injuries and their dangers

No matter where someone works or what type of duties the person performs, slip-and-fall accidents could happen. People could literally trip on untied shoelaces, but stumbling over a cord, box, or even slipping on a wet floor are more typical reasons for a fall.

Objects fall, too. Heavy items falling off shelves could hurt someone. Severe injuries might result if a tool falls from great heights and hits someone.

People fall, as well. Anyone climbing a ladder to reach something or perform repairs may fall to the ground. The person may then rely on workers’ compensation to cover bills while awaiting a full recovery.

Many ways to suffer injuries

Overexertion seems unavoidable in many jobs, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics notes the body’s limitations result in injuries in scores of jobs. Construction workers lifting heavy objects and data entry specialists who type all day might discover their body gives out somehow.

Burns and electrocutions may occur more than people realize. Touching a hot stove or pipe or coming in contact with a live wire may cause tragic consequences.

And vehicle accidents are not exclusive to public roadways. Employees may get hit by a car or truck in their office’s parking lot. Factory workers could suffer after a forklift collision.

An attorney might assist an injured worker receives compensation for injuries. The attorney may represent a client struggling to receive workers’ compensation benefits, as well.