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What workplace injuries do nurses face in Arizona?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Nurses are often at the front lines of a health crisis or dangerous situation. As a result, there are a variety of injuries that nurses might face on the job.

What injuries are nurses most susceptible to?

The most common hazards that nurses face are illnesses from their patients. While diseases aren’t usually classified under workplace injuries, they are an occupational hazard. A nurse who catches a particularly contagious illness or has to miss a lot of work while in recovery might be entitled to workers’ compensation.

Many workplace injuries come from the physical aspects of the job. Often, nurses are required to lift or push around patients, equipment and a variety of other things. These actions can result in serious injuries that might put a nurse out of work.

There are also hazards that can happen in any other workplace, such as slips and falls, trips and more. Serious injuries can put nurses out of commission over the long term, leading to a significant workers’ comp claim.

How can these injuries be prevented?

Hospitals are in the business of preventing and reducing illnesses in the workplace, but the harder things to navigate are physical injuries. Nurses are often expected to lift patients heavier than them or reposition them. Introducing standard operating procedures that would take the weight off of one nurse or make it safer for them to move heavy items, even in busy times, can help to reduce injuries to nurses.

What if you were hurt at the hospital where you work?

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries still happen, and nurses are just as entitled to workers’ compensation as anyone else. A lawyer may help their client submit a claim and deal with any denials or complications to secure compensation.