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Lumpers are vulnerable to 3 serious injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

With the explosion in popularity of online shopping, lumpers are more essential than ever. After all, quickly and precisely loading and unloading trucks is vital for ensuring customers receive orders promptly while taking full advantage of the cargo capacities of commercial vehicles.

If you sustain an injury while working as a lumper, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits to help you manage your recovery and move forward with your life. To qualify for these benefits, your injury must interfere with your ability to work. Here are three common injuries that may do just that.

1. Torn rotator cuffs

Your rotator cuffs are a collection of muscles, tendons and ligaments in your shoulders that both support your arms and facilitate arm movement. When loading and unloading heavy cargo, you may inadvertently tear your rotator cuff. If the injury is serious, you may need surgery to repair damage.

2. Herniated discs

The bones in your spine sit on cartilage discs that provide cushion. With repeated bending, twisting and lifting, these discs may move, bulge or even rupture. While herniated discs sometimes heal on their own, you may require an operation and extensive physical therapy to recover completely.

3. Knee injuries

To protect your back, you likely lift with your legs when you load and unload trucks. Over time, you may develop knee pain for a couple reasons. First, you may stretch or tear your anterior cruciate ligament, which is connective tissue in your knee. With repetitive movements, your knee may also be susceptible to bursitis.

Because you earn a living as a lumper, you cannot risk your personal health. If you suffer a knee injury or any other injury at work, you must quickly report the injury and follow your doctor’s orders to boost your chances of recovering fully and returning to work.