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Know the facts about bursitis

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

When people perform repetitive motions for their jobs, their bodies may sustain damage over time. One of the conditions people might incur is bursitis.

Muscles, tendons and bones around a joint receive cushioning from bursae, small sacs that contain fluid. According to the Mayo Clinic, people may develop bursitis when these sacs experience inflammation. This condition usually affects the elbows, shoulders and hips. If people kneel frequently, they may also develop this condition in their knees.

Why do people develop bursitis?

Repetitive motion can cause the bursae around a joint to become inflamed. A job may require people to kneel so that they can set tile or lay carpet. People may also lift objects over their heads on a daily basis. These motions exert pressure on the bursae that can result in inflammation over time. Joints may experience more stress if people do not always lift objects correctly or use kneeling pads.

What symptoms do people experience?

According to Medical News Today, people may notice a variety of symptoms if they develop bursitis. The joint may hurt if people apply pressure or move it. People may also notice redness, swelling and stiffness. In some situations, people may feel a sharp pain in the joint or be unable to move it.

How should people treat bursitis?

Some people may be able to care for their bursitis at home by resting the joint and applying ice packs. If people have a more serious case, though, they may need medical care. While some people may find that their bursitis gets better, others may experience frequent flare-ups. This may be especially likely if people continue to perform the motions that put stress on the joints. These flare-ups may cause them to be unable to work.