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What do you know about steps for addressing workplace injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

You sustained an injury on the clock not too long ago. Thankfully, your employer has workers’ compensation, but that does not mean your boss and the HR department addressed your injury the right way. 

The Society for Human Resource Management breaks down the proper procedure for responding to workplace injuries. Determine whether your employer helped or hindered any compensation claim you have. 

Medical protocol

Companies must have a medical plan for addressing employee injuries. For instance, a designated person should transport severely injured or ill employees to the hospital. The plan should also indicate which parties to contact when an injury occurs. The plan must also adhere to the latest OSHA standards. 

Accident investigation

Did anyone investigate your accident’s circumstances? Your company should speak to anyone who witnessed your incident and draft a report. It is also good for employers to take steps to prevent similar accidents from happening again. 

Contacting OSHA

Severe injuries and accidents resulting in fatalities require companies to contact OSHA. Employers should contact the administration within a specific time frame. For instance, companies must report hospitalizations and amputations within 24 hours and deaths within eight hours. No matter the severity of your accident, you have the right to reach out to OSHA yourself to file a complaint. 

FMLA leave

Recovering from your injury may qualify you to take time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Your employer should determine whether you can take leave under workers’ compensation and FMLA simultaneously. If so, this may limit the time you miss from work to recover from your injury. Properly certified health care professionals can help your employer determine how to handle your time off work.