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Mental health challenges and workplace accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Workplace accidents occur for many reasons, from excessive hours that result in fatigue to dangerous machinery. However, many accidents are a result of mental illness. Furthermore, workplace accidents can lead to mental challenges, such as high levels of anxiety and depression.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost one out of every five adults in the U.S. struggle with mental illness and these challenges can lead to various concerns, such as workplace accidents. For many of these Americans, working is especially challenging at times and the likelihood of an accident is even higher.

Understanding how mental health impacts employees

The CDC states that depression results in decreased cognitive performance and often interferes with a worker’s ability to perform job tasks. Mental health challenges also interfere with workplace communication in many instances, which is very dangerous in certain settings. Furthermore, the CDC reports that many people who struggle with depression are not treated for their symptoms. In fact, research shows that among employees who report severe depression, only 40 percent are treated for their symptoms.

Understanding the consequences of workplace accidents

When workplace accidents occur, those struggling with an existing mental health challenge such as depression or anxiety sometimes have an especially difficult time moving forward. These accidents often cause even more stress, depression and emotional strain, so it is crucial for injured workers facing mental health challenges to understand all of their options while trying to recover. These accidents often trigger financial hardships and other serious problems that are very hard for those who are depressed or overwhelmed by an anxiety disorder. For many, workers’ compensation is a lifeline.