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How serious is carpal tunnel syndrome?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Repetitive Stress Injuries

Arizona workers like you may have to do repetitive tasks on the job. It is important for your workplace to provide you with breaks. This is because repetitive work can cause repetitive stress injuries.

Some people think these injuries are not serious. They are wrong. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a form of repetitive stress injury. It can create a lot of trouble in your daily life at work. It can even result in a debilitating injury.

The impact of CTS on daily life

Mayo Clinic discusses carpal tunnel syndrome and how it may impact your life. Some people do not understand how serious CTS is. They think it is an injury you can “rest away”. But that is not the case. If you suffer from CTS, only the appropriate amount of rest and care can help turn it around. You should see a doctor right away. They can recommend a proper rest time. They can also give activities to avoid. Unfortunately, you should avoid the repetitive motion that caused the injury. This can cause problems if that motion relates to your job.

Surgery for CTS sufferers

In some cases, even preventative care is not enough. What happens if your CTS has gone on for too long without treatment? In these cases, you may end up beyond the “rest” stage. You may need surgery to fix the swelling in your wrist. Sometimes, even surgery cannot fix the damage done to nerves. In these cases, you may find it impossible to return to your previous work.

This is why it is important for sufferers of CTS to get the treatment they need in a timely way. If you wait, you might not get the chance to fix the damage. This can permanently change your ability to work and your income.