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Do you know this is a top work accident risk?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Work accidents occur all the time. Most are minor and do not cause severe harm to the individual. Serious accidents often make the news in Arizona because they are uncommon. However, there is one type of accident that can be minor or severe, and it happens all the time. One of the top work accidents across all industries is falling.

The National Safety Council explains that falls rank as the third top cause of death in work-related accidents. Falls from heights are the most serious, and the construction industry has the highest risk for these types of falls. However, this type of accident can happen in any industry or any job.

Health risks

A fall may cause anything from bumps and bruises to death. The more serious issues that may result from this type of accident include injuries to the brain, back, spinal cord and shoulders. Falls may also lead to broken bones, including the hip, which is especially dangerous. Hip injuries lead to death within one year for about 20% of all cases. The fact that a fall can kill you makes it one of the most dangerous work injuries.

Preventable accident

The biggest issue with falls is they are 100% preventable. When employers enforce and employees use proper safety protocols, it is possible to minimize falls and prevent them from happening. Even if they do occur, if you use safety equipment, you are not likely to experience a severe injury.

However, the problem is people do not use proper safety equipment or follow the protocols put in place to prevent falls. There is a lot of attention on falls from safety organizations, such as OSHA, with plenty of information and assistance to ensure prevention. Still, unless your employer puts them in place, they do not help. Additionally, if you do not observe rules and use equipment correctly, you are not protecting yourself either.

Fall prevention is something everyone should take seriously. These work accidents do not have to happen.