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How to treat and diagnose burn injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Burn injuries can be among the most severe and painful injuries that people in Arizona have to deal with. While more mild burns can typically be treated at home, moderate to severe burns should definitely get medical attention from a professional. By learning about the different types of burns and how to treat them, people can protect themselves and others.

Causes of burns

Not all burns are the same. Healthline states that the skin can be damaged from exposure to fire or thermal radiation, but it can also get burned by electricity, chemicals and liquids.

Types of burns

Regardless of the source of the burn, it can range in severity depending on the intensity of the energy source and the duration of exposure. The severity of a burn is measured in terms of degrees.

Third degree burns are the most intense, and happen when the burn goes deeper than the surface layers of the skin, burning the tissues underneath. Third degree burns are present as leathery or white skin that seems thicker than normal.

Second degree burns will typically result in blisters, with the skin being somewhat thicker in places. First degree burns are mild and fairly common, and simply look like red and sensitive skin without the presence of blisters.

Burn treatment

If there are any blisters from the burn, it is important to seek medical treatment in order to avoid nerve damage that could lead to permanent numbness. For first degree burns, WebMD states that people can treat them by cooling off the affected area with cool running water, the covering the affected area with a clean cloth with no ointment.