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Common workplace violations and how to fix them

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

When residents of Arizona head off to work, they have every right to expect their employers to follow basic safety guidelines to help them avoid injury or illness. Unfortunately, there are times when an accident occurs and forces workers to take time off or seek medical attention. MedExpress lists some of the most common violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s guidelines.

One of the most common violations is the lack of fall protection. This is particularly relevant in the construction industry. This can be anything from not placing railings around holes in floors where employees may walk to improper cleanup of spilled substances. Personal fall protection is especially important in relation to the potential danger to the employee and the height of the job.

Another violation that is common is outdated or missing data or inadequate training to employees about hazard communications related to hazardous chemicals. Contractors, temporary workers and employees must be aware of where they can find any information they need to deal with hazardous exposure and chemical data.

Respiratory protection is also a common issue when it comes to workplace injuries and OSHA violations. Employees who wear respirators should be medically evaluated, properly fitted for protection and never overexposed to contaminated material. Employees are more productive and safer when they are properly evaluated and fitted for respiratory protective materials.

The Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association lists staying alert as one of the best ways for workers to avoid accidents on the job. Wearing the appropriate safety gear is also vital in keeping the workplace safe. Employers should also give their employees access to the proper training and resources to keep them safe. Whether it is the fault of the employer or the employee, the goal is to avoid any injury that can negatively affect the life of a worker.