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What should I do after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

In Arizona, hundreds of car accidents happen every single day. Even if you are a careful driver, it is likely that you will end up in some form of car accident someday. When that happens, it is important to know what to do. According to NerdWallet, the most important thing to do after a crash is to call 911 if somebody is injured. Getting immediate medical attention is paramount.

However, even if nobody is injured calling the police is still a must. Particularly if somebody involved in the accident is acting aggressive, police may be necessary to ensure protection. However, even if everybody is cooperative and nobody is injured, calling the police will ensure that a report of the accident is made. After the phone call, make sure to move the cars out of the line of traffic and onto a shoulder or parking lot.

It is also important to do your own documentation outside of the police. Take pictures of everything, especially if there was damage to one of the cars. Never admit fault, even if you feel this is true. Try to get  personal information from the other driver. He or she is not legally required to show you his or her identification, but should this be the case it is a good idea to get a picture of the person involved. This way, he or she will not be able to later claim no involvement.

Once you have this information, it is important to contact your insurance for the next steps. Depending on your coverage and whether you were at fault will determine what, exactly, you need to do to move forward.