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Workplace injuries are common.  Most workers’ compensation cases are handled without an attorney, but for serious injuries or for claims that have been denied, you need an attorney.

Often, even claims that have been accepted have treatments denied or unpaid compensation, and in those cases you will also need an attorney.  Workers’ compensation claims can be auto accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice, slips and falls, etc.  It is not uncommon to pursue more than one kind of claim at the same time, but you will need an attorney who practices workers’ compensation cases in order to keep your claims organized and to be sure they are working toward the same ends.

At Dix & Forman, PC we are one of the very few firms that handle workers’ compensation claims in Southern Arizona and have attorneys who are Certified Specialists in workers’ compensation claims.  Contact us about your Workers’ Compensation Questions or Claim or call us at (520) 748-0800.

Workers' Compensation Claims

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